13-14 November 2014


On 13-14 Nov 2014, I had the honor of attending the Heritage for Action Sentinel Summit in Atlanta, GA. About 300 Sentinels from around the nation converged onto this event of citizens focused on holding our government accountable. Heritage for Action is the activist arm of the Heritage Foundation focused on supporting conservative action on a wide variety of issues. For those people looking for an opportunity to engage with your representatives in a manner that is both constructive and effective, being a Heritage for Action Sentinel is a great activity to engage in.

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During this event a variety of speakers spoke to the sentinels on a variety of topics. Workshops were held on such topics as confrontational politics, how a bill becomes law, social media, making the press work for you, etc. Regionally oriented sessions were held where sentinels met with their regional coordinator (Stephanie Kreuz for the Midwest region), trading best practices and seeking a better understanding of how to become effective sentinels.
Former Senator Jim DeMint, President of the Heritage Foundation, spoke at the Thursday evening dinner and Erick Erickson, editor of RedState.com and radio personality on WSB Radio, Atlanta (and one of my favorite media personalities) spoke at the closing luncheon on Friday. After the luncheon he mentioned the summit directly during his radio show later that day.
I highly recommend the Sentinel program for anyone reading this article to consider joining. A national telecom takes place every week and you will have access to the Heritage for Action Sentinel Hub, a private online space to engage on issues and with other Sentinels around the nation. Check it out at http://www.heritageaction.com. Excellent introductory videos can be found at http://youtu.be/dA1zfLE0_gU and http://youtu.be/xoGWOjouFiI.

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It’s NOT “Free” Money — It’s “Our” Money

This article presents an enlightening rationale behind the allure of free money provided by the federal government to support the expansion of Medicaid in the states.  These funds are allocated using the Federal Medical Assistance Percentages (FMAP).  These are the percentage rates used to determine the matching funds allocated annually to certain medical and service programs in the United States of America.  FMAP eligible programs are joint federal-state partnerships between the federal government of the United States and state governments which are then administered by the states.  Gov. Kasich’s rationale, in part, for accepting the Medicaid expansion is that the funds already taxed from Ohio citizens will go to another state to expand the economy in that state instead of Ohio.  Such partnerships comprise the framework that amounts to federal coercion over state governments.  The states did not originally create the partnership so the word partnership is a clear misnomer.  The federal government created the program and then dangled it in front of the states.  This is bribery in a subtle form.  These partnerships and their destructive effect on federal/state balance of powers and other areas of government operations needs to be explored and exposed if out of control government spending is to ever be reduced.  It is still OUR money (and our debt!) that is being spent by the states – not FREE money from the federal government.

Three of My Favorite Bloggers

By Len Pohlar:   I’ve added 3 RSS Feeds to Riverside Liberty highlighting some of my favorite bloggers. When new posts come online, I read them right away.  Two of these are generally libertarian and the other is more classically conservative.

International Liberty by Dan Mitchell of the CATO Institute offers tremendous insights to liberty related activity across the globe.  Julie Borowski of Peace, Liberty & Sound Money is libertarian on the Freedom Works staff that offers a great perspective on liberty, especially from a young adult perspective. A young adult perspective is important for an old guy like me to understand.  Her You Tube channel, Token Libertarian Girl, is a blast to view and very informative.  Erick Erickson of RedState.com is a well known conservative commentator.  The more I read of his work the more his perspective resonates with me.

I recommend these for your study of liberty.

Oversized Government in Ohio

Check out this article from Ohio Watchdog. Does not paint a pretty picture for Ohio governance!

Riverside City Council considering new income tax increases

Check out this article  in the DDN regarding new income tax hikes and changes in tax credit rates for persons employed outside the city.

Mitt Romney rallies Dayton area to support Hurricane Sandy relief efforts

I attended the Mitt Romney rally at Trent Arena at Fairmont High School today despite the awful weather with damp air, rain at times and lots of high wind along with thousands of Dayton area residents and some from a good ways away.  We weren’t sure if the scheduled rally would take place. It was cancelled on Monday and then I heard this morning that it was back on again.  This time, however, it would be a support rally for the Hurricane Sandy relief effort    Continue reading